The young boy, now a man
Sits in dread of imagined threats
And bemoans his station

The anxiety always spinning lies
Wrapping up a mind, and feeding
This turns into moments and days and then
A life is lost for nothing

Whatever life we have can’t be spent worrying about loss
Or we miss the point of being mortal
And any chance of a moment enjoyed goes with it
Forget the moving arms and numbers
And breathe, and smile, and breathe again.

To lose your head is to lose your smile
To lose your mind is to lose your presence
To lose a friend is to lose a great treasure
To lose your family is to lose your self
So hold true riches tightly

What do I have power over?
Anything at all?
What if nothing unchangeable occupies my heart
And all I put my hand to is mine?
I take the levers of me
And drive my ship alone
There is nothing else to do
I will use me to help you
And in this employ find peace

Photo by 蔡 嘉宇 on Unsplash