Come to me
dear old friend
make me forget
The stabbing

My eyes bleed tears
For nothing makes
The spinning stop
I can’t get away

Bound to a care
That means nothing
In the end
I’m standing alone

Sharing doesn’t help
Nor does the dark
It’s indifferent and proud
So I fall on my sword

My strength fails
the system crashes
Just bad code I guess
All I get is a beach ball
Or blue screen

I can’t handle it
So slow to move
Not restoring
Corrupt and old
throw me away

I’m broken
Slinking along
With squeak and wobble
I’m no fun
So move on

I can’t pretend
I don’t know
It’s too obvious now
The stories don’t hold
And reality strikes

Send a prayer
For the fractured
And poor
For the weak
And the foolish
For I am with them
The fallen

Come abide with me
Whisper comfort
And hold my hand
Why would you love
Such a miserable person
Such a pathetic me

And yet you remain and hold
Bind me up and call me still
You live with the broken
And tell me I’m whole

Photo by Zach Vessels on Unsplash