How long does it take to forget the bad?
It depends what you look for and like to rehearse.
Focusing so much on their speck is sad.
What about this plank here? What a curse.

Will you ever forget that feeling?
What control do I have over your insecurity?
Fixating on your lack, shirking healing.
Feign righteousness with an air of purity.

Shut your mouth and stop this.
Slander, gossip, malicious talk and snark.
You’re tongues a sword, cutting kiss.
Your word is a fire, pride a spark.

This, that, they are so stupid and dumb.
All fail to rise to that supreme level.
Critic, take from all, give to none.
You’re so great, what a glorious devil.

Pointing of fingers, tear them down.
Raise your fist and join the crowd.
Label them, ridicule, call them clown.
Air your grievance and do it loud.

Welcome to the American sway
Mind closed and a confident walk
Aggressive verbal jousting, word play.
Bombastic, arrogant and loud talk.

Listen and stir the anger up now
Stress out over nothing, nothin’ at all
Yell about the what, forget the how.
Praise the rich, step over the small.

Photo by Samuel Schneider on Unsplash