⁣The world won’t stop spinning. ⁣
What to do when the constant motion of creation creeps into your head. ⁣
When the buzzing of atoms echoes in your skull. ⁣
When swirling electron stirs your thoughts. ⁣
When the angst of the earth takes up residence in your heart. ⁣
When you carry more than any one person should. ⁣
When injustice haunts you and turns your stomach. ⁣
When another’s pain steals your sleep. ⁣
When worry swallows calm. ⁣
When rest becomes an alien, and peace a dream. ⁣


The dog’s scratching at the door. ⁣
Whimpering, wanting more.⁣
Skin itches, can’t be reached, ⁣
and the truth lies un-preached.⁣
We can’t find them or remember ⁣
and the forgotten surrender. ⁣

When the unsinkable ship slips beneath cold and icy waters.⁣
When the brother, or the father, or the mother sell daughters.⁣
When your conversation or life lies unfinished and wanting. ⁣
Wicked fortune parades with the noise, flags, and flaunting.⁣

Twisted, sickening weight in the stomach when a child’s lost.⁣
The transport, the arrangement, the touch – horror, and cost.⁣
When evil is more than a monster and becomes a machine.⁣
When the moving parts connect with what appeared clean.⁣

Where are they, who cares? ⁣
Darkness stands on basement stairs.
At the bottom a lonely door, ⁣
behind it imprisoned, chained to the floor.⁣

When we stop searching, crying, and advocates slumber. ⁣
The un-lived life is turned into and for a simple number. ⁣

Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash