What is this?⁣
A flash of light⁣
Then into the ground⁣

To be wished upon⁣
To be observed⁣
A simple pleasure for another⁣

A speck in the sky⁣
Drops in the sea⁣
And all goes on⁣

The world mourns the pass of a few⁣
Ignore most⁣
But even this is burning up⁣

Nothing static⁣
Save the expiration⁣
Just rocks being redistributed ⁣
From here to there⁣
This is our lot⁣

Our little minds require time⁣
For we struggle to be⁣
We need to stack our blocks⁣

Formless and unanchored ⁣
Free, fast and flying⁣
Streaming against space⁣

Time seems slow⁣
Until we splash into the atmosphere ⁣
And seconds become precious ⁣
Moments become sacred⁣
And expire quick ⁣
Flooded with heat⁣
Changing form⁣
Stuck in the fall⁣
The illusion of control confesses it’s fraud⁣
And we let ourselves go⁣

Our last wish?⁣
That someone saw us.⁣

A marked moment⁣
To shine in pain⁣
To inspire in suffering ⁣

So do it bright and big,⁣
Love is our only work!⁣

Photo by Gahan N Rao| Unsplash