A poem, for my wife Renee.

To sail the ocean seems like a splendid adventure.
And of course it would be beautiful.
The air, the waves, the fresh air, the sea life.
The lovely birds and the experience of each port.
To sail the ocean would be to see the world.

Of course, with every journey there’s always storms.
Tough winds, the angry water swelling over the boat.
The fog, and night, where it’s hard to find your way.
The unexpected mechanical failures, the occasional scrape.
To sail the ocean would be to overcome.

Then most certainly there’d be treasures found along the way.
Trinkets discovered and stored. Items of meaning.
In each port and city something new would present itself.
Special finds and stories, lovely people and quaint shops.
To sail the ocean would be to taste life.

There’d be work along the way too, daily.
The burden of cleaning and manning the ship.
Casting off and raising anchor.
Plotting courses, and planning our way.
To sail the ocean would be work.

Of course all of this would in vain to be done alone.
Who would want to have all of this without another?
To take all this on with a soulmate would give it value.
In the sharing of it we would find a story worth telling.
To sail the ocean would be relationship.

Our path is empty without us.
We are the adventure.

Andrew Neel (Unsplash)