I need peace so pass that here son
I’m tired and this is all I know
Breathe in and forget tomorrow
It comes or not on its own

A moment is all we can look for
Everything else is fill

So take a second with me
And just hold my hand
Fingers locked and arms sway
This minute – my day

Remember my kiss on your forehead,
Remember with a tear
I’m here girl, in the shade, in the breeze
In that busy-hurried break

A moment is all we can hope for
Everything else is fill

Look at that
a fawn prances through the yard
and then it’s gone

Remember that time
That one time my dear
Here and now

Thin slices combined in frame
Shown in an hour and ten minutes time

Savor that
stop and smell the roses my dear
Here and now

Take a moment
just hold on to me
Remember this night

The fox dashing across the road
The house of our dreams
That day, that night.

it’s our song
We sway for a bit and smile

It’s with us now
Logged and stored
For their sake

Share our story with them
Teach them to collect well
These moments in the midst


Photo by Nicomiot Photographies | Unsplash