the internal and subjective component of sense perceptions, arising from stimulation of the senses by phenomena.

What is this qualia? Why am I?
Organic machine or more?
A trapped spirit in a faulty and closed system?
A caged and enslaved ghost?

What is this qualia? What am I?
Am I nature, nurture or preplanned?
Does providence use it all and direct it?
Is my heart and way coded according to pattern?

What is this qualia? When am I?
Was I slated to occupy this time and space?
A product of divine whim and schedule?
What is family and country but a name?

What is this qualia? How am I?
A coordination of molecular operations destined to fail?
An instance, a breath, a touch, a hand to hold when afraid?
A passing moment, explored space in the ocean of history?

Photo by Philip Kock on Unsplash