Piercing purpose
Here are arms, hands an leg and foot
Send your daggers

Pin me to this altar
Not for any crime but theirs
I’m bleeding quiet

A sacrifice for fools
Blind love for friend and foe
Gift of grace from gushing wound

A death like this is life
Inextinguishable fire of passion
In the tree on display

Turn back shadow
There is now light like this
Bursting bright under pain

Father forgive them
Father why have you forsaken me
Father this is done

See the Son rising
I’m walking on this water here
Face shining and lifted

A bright stand in the storm
A sentinel inspiring courage
Transcend the law

There is no weight
No anchor or hook in me
I am the living sacrifice

Defying death
Carrying more then for myself
Hope swelling
Heart beating
Eyes burning
Face glowing
For them, just as you are.

I stretch out to piercing Purpose
Offering body and mind
Kill and fill me for more than today
I am here for them
Just as you are and
have never stopped being.
Here we are for them.
We are Love.

Photo by Ian Espinosa on Unsplash