An unfinished song that never started, swimming about in a tired soul.
Just before the lips lost in the heart of a raging poet.
Pieces of magic not put together.
Fragments of piercing words meant for kings to ponder.
The message of gods stuck inside, haunting its bearer.

To synthesize, to crystallize, such beauty for hearts
A combination of chemicals come rushing to aid
With creative liberties, and the light of stars aligned
Comes a symphony, the orchestration of high–thoughts
Fueled by the full–measure of a man willing to die for his friends

A winking eclipse, sparking slivers of a star pass by the black
Marking a moment of clarity, most men will never suffer
But there it is laid bare, the ugly truth of it all, sent to slay Beast
Not us my friend, nor you, nor they or even them.
It seeks only to harm the proverbial serpent, having lost his legs,
He’s stuck in dust, licking there, and lying about.

Prophets slain for exposing greed, holding Love’s lantern close
We need the listening artist to hear with working ear.
To see proper, and speak loudly of each truth and beauty she has.
To show us the math of Paradise with the music of Terra

Throw stones if you will.
Can’t help but put these pieces together.
Compelled to fling ourselves, again, upon fiery heaps of truth
How can mortals not eat the scrolls served by god?

We become as dead bones, even then a story lives
The syllables, tones, utterance of all we aspire to be.
So let them lay in the tall grass for long hours,
or have them dance in the rain upon principal.
That we may keep at this labor, walking in gardens beyond eden.

Unfetter the divine within the realm of mortals.
That it may be, as it is there, now upon our hearts.
So given to visions of gold we mustn’t stop for dimes
Looking into angry–eyes with care, crying for another’s pain.

So hear me now, I speak of greater treasure
beyond flesh, passing over, fleeting pleasure
Of water, bread, strong–drink, divine.
The beauty, in a spirit–enriched, sublime.