Lurking in shadow
Wet fang sharpened and shimmering
Monster pained with hunger
Predator’s eye fixed
Coiled strength and ready
On the sharp edge of becoming prey
Breathe out a sigh
And get ready to bleed
Maybe grace’ll rescue you again
Escaping seems to be my superpower
These creatures want me bad
Hunted, Chased, Cornered
Slithering close and I crouch
When your life depends on a miracle more than once
You begin to wonder
Why am I targeted
Indestructible life lifts me
And there I go again from the jaws of death
Slipping through flame with my life
Nothing more
It can taste me, relentless dragon
It wants me like gold
Serpents lickin’ dirt and slither
Tracking hard toward me
I need that 91 grace and angel commands
To crush this head and tread upon lion
Lift me up and let me see you
Great fortress guard me
The pestilence stalks
Fiery brands cover the sky
And the sun disappears
I don’t want to die here
Take that old beast by the tongue
And tell him some truth
A hammer or sword
Cut and pound this enemy
That I may live on
Cut em off, all them that surround
They need to go.

Photo by Neil Rosenstech on Unsplash