Your Moment Matters

What is happy? A chemical mixture? A posture of mind? A simple adjustment of measure and element alters attitude and trajectory. Can we transcend our chemistry? How much of a cage do these strings represent? Self-diagnosed and medicated, we play the bars like music, searching for that sound.

That illusive song that transports us. I want music we can dance to, we have felt sorry for ourselves long enough. On par with classic story, peace and beauty always seem to precipitate some sort of hell being unleashed. We’re always bracing ourselves, a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. If we are cliche, than at least we will win.

Why is death so relentless? The old are not obsolete, just tired. Keep moving, keep walking; how fast can you get up? We voluntarily add weights and then bemoan our station. Do yourself a favor and stop lying to you. Love is motion and we’re called to move. Get up! Love is a retrieval for others. Work!

If we are but a flash of light, blind the dogs with red-hot brightness. Burst forth with energy, beam in every direction. Be audacious and bold. Send a message to every other that our moment matters. Go!