Not here to make you smile.
It does feel good though.
Not sure what that means.

When will you take me to the next place?
Not that I’m bored here.
Just worried I may not be ready for the trip.

I’m not bothered by you.
Maybe I should be.
Got enough in me to keep the peace.

Every time I care too much,
It leads to chaos and yelling.
So I die a little inside to survive.

Some like the burnt ends
Others want the bacon soft.
Just give me what you got.

It makes no difference to me.
Would you prefer it did?
Not sure I can fake it if so.

Out of energy to perform.
Stopped caring what you think.
Here I am, like it or not.

What does it mean to be me?
Do I need a preference to have a personality?
I like all the colors.

It’s not that I have no feelings.
I’ve just stopped expecting much.
This way you’re not surprised.

I’m an instrument.
And what slave harbors an opinion?
I serve at the other’s pleasure.

Shell shocked and shrouded in war’s fog.
Not looking for anything anymore.
Except to stay a bit longer.

So save me a seat,
But don’t expect an argument.
I’m tired and just wanna drink.

Some folks need to fight to feel.
I don’t see the logic in that.
Spending life tryin’ to be alive?

So many people scraping for a bit.
Brandishing swords for rock and dirt.
Shedding a brothers blood for a line.

Bite, scratch and take.
Burdened by lust.
We are the devourer.

To not want is to not care.
I can’t carry that.
Too exhausting to scrap over scraps.

So pass that here.
Let’s spend a moment on ourselves.
Shut up and smile for once.

Photo by Folco on Unsplash