When we sit and sulk
time crawls
self-pity tortures the soul
And all the lights dim

Turn your face to the sun
Embrace the warmth
Think upon beauty
And be free

Walk, saunter, jog, run
Move and be
Don’t hold your position
Advance and charge

Adjust your posture, Sit up
Hold your head high
Pull your shoulders back
And look with possibility

New mercies, New favors
New paths, New words, New ways
Call me by a different name
And give me work

Let me see
And let me build
Let me hear
And let me play
Let me feel
and let me love
Let me smell
And let me rest

In every new found hope lies more power
So hew from the stones an image
Find a fantastic story to tell yourself
And forge a better world

Some lies tell better than others
So choose wisely
Nothing like barbs of doubts sticking in the conscience
Insecurity’s a vacuum
You can lose yourself there
It’ll drag you through hell
And you’ll wake up two decades later wondering where it all went?

Photo by kamila kawa on Unsplash