Long lasting echoes of a fatherless laughter imbue a pernicious testimony in the home.

Informing an elected congress of ill-motives standing contrary to a once-sacred bond.

Quilted shades are thrown as warmth exits place and feathers of design are plucked.

Meanwhile, starving earth and dying oaks desperately stare at a cold canopy of empty sky.

The numb covet tears when the art of shining retreats to cliche and fear parades with pride.

Exhausted hearts slaving for an ugly appetite drop gold and grab for palatable illusions.

Silence magnetizes pulling hope into shade, In a shroud we lose north as paths grow over.

Can’t you sing, not even a whispered peep of fabled truth to stir the buried with lyric?

Sow seeds of revolution in verse and noise. Interject with an obnoxious tweet or chirp.

Voices of family clamber with insecure feet. A feeble harmony gives brith to strong cadence.

Wobbling, off key and underwhelming, yet your progression is usher to an obtrusive light.

Possibility multiplies with each caw of protest, creativity nests in others who join to sing.