Lurking cancer
Preset to pounce per the blueprint
And all we can do it wait

Working so hard
To stave off the inevitable and empty
And it comes regardless

Appointed for man
Once to drown a mere mortal
So we can walk humble?

The purpose of this
Inescapable termination
To bring low or punish?

Every day, an inch closer
Can you smell the tulips
Pushed by the buried

Flowers on a grave
This is the contrast of beauty
Let us pray

Ashes to ashes
And dust is wiped from a book
For the living

Weep, mourn and wail
But for a moment and then carry on
Time is for them that breath

When we love deeply
We lose a portion to death
Lest it be false

We have given something
A decent measure of our substance
It goes to grave and is buried

It lies there still
That’s why we feel haunted
A piece of us is in the dirt

Sweat, care, presence, words
Lying there next to them
Given never to be returned

They are seeds and
We hope they grow up to bloom
Another life, another form.

Go well and in peace
Take my sorrow with you
And wash in their pools

I’ll be following shortly
Into what lies beyond the dirt
May you greet me with a kiss

The lowering Into the box
They dug it out in the shape of a door
And in it I find an escape

I know you felt rushed on
But we’ve been expecting you.
Welcome to more

Photo by Rikki Austin on Unsplash