Tryin’a feel free.
Call it high, outside’s hell boy.
So much stronger when the mix is right.
Don’t stop me now.
Dancin’ right through the dark.
Tracers from the lights.

Hear me out, let’s cruise a minute.
I’m not bleeding when the neurons light up.
So let’s go.
We moving’ now, refill my cup.

Doing so much better than them
Don’t call my ride sus
Helluva time, but we made it.
Costin’ everything, not much

That bass make me alive
Aint thinkin’ anything
Just wanna drive

Road trippin’ so I can make it by
Dreams start and end here
Forward progress
Warmth in my chest

Fuel-fired synaptic claps
Measure and down that chem
Feelin’ power, exhaust cracks
And we go wide open into the wind

Let’s just hope we don’t run out.
Let’s go, Let’s go.
Keep drivin’. Let’s go.

Seems like things always need tweaked and turnt.
Blocks and signs, Lights flashin’
So spent, man, burnt

Roads changin’, weathers droppin’
Fuel tanks drained, times tickin’
Roads long, we keep poppin’

Just a bit more, a little further
We can make it baby
Say a prayer as we screamin’
We gotta make it baby
Your hairs whippin’, your face beamin’

All I can feel is free
Windows down
Tops off
City’s waitin’
Let’s make it our own

Fools in the rearview
Who you lookin’ at?
Flyin’ fast
Right by and close
Can’t wait
All them stops passed