Devils of worry
Swallow care
Cripple the mind
Murder smiles

Increased pace
Filled full with emptiness
No love left

Feed off the other
When empathy sleeps
We’re living dead

Compelled by prospect
Reluctant to share
Scraping for self
Merciless conquest

Brazen action
Shameless hoards
No room for the alien
Build the wall

The last have the least
And deserve their station
Charge ahead
It’s every man for himself

Move or be moved
We’re on assignment
To rape the land
And forget tomorrow

This drive
This eagerness
This vacuum 
This void
Flung across our faces
Wrapped around our necks
Binding our hands
Suffocating compassion

We are the devoured,
Baptized in covetousness 
To become one
Servants of flesh
The collective Devourer

Photo by joyce huis on Unsplash