May I have this dance
Forget tomorrow
There is no email or deadline
The event is canceled
Look into my eyes for once
And remember what it is to feel
Has the world snatched it
Your ability to be loved

Romance is an ideal we can’t let die
A state of mind we mustn’t lose
For in it we become fools
Crazy enough to adore and hope
Warmed within and powered by dreams
Picked up and carried by imagination
Swept into myth and possibility
Oh the poor souls there in that pit
swallowed by ones and zeros
And trapped in the glass

Like narcissus locked in Reflection
A limited view, Flattened files
Two dimensions only and color blind
Awaken my soul with your lips
Spark joy with your gaze
Capture me with your Fragrance
Let’s dance with made up moves
And fling our bodies to the beat
Let’s paint pictures of the story
And bring others into our song

Join our tale and open new doors
Let’s step beyond the known
Even if it cost us ourselves
Join me in rhythm and step
We’re all An unfinished script
Needing to be realized and supported
Discovered and helped along
Finished for the world to enjoy
Readied for the critic
The show is on regardless

So pardon me my dear,
May I have this dance

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash