Empty pleasures flit through the air over head.
Grasping for a moment, losing more time as we reach.
A shameful appetite drags us through the mud.
With hook in mouth, too anesthetized to notice.

Why are we afraid of reality, because of mortality?
It’s all draining away faster than we can grab for it.
The rust consumes as fast as we can construct.
The vacuum hangs just outside with constant threat.
We lie in the basement and listen to explosions.

In the end, we are all children again. Vulnerable.
We lie in need, our means have wasted away.
To dependency we’ve returned, to be cradled.
We go as we came, with joy and sorrow.
Cry for me for I am here, and again for I have gone.

Have you ever given with your eyes, or only taken?
Have you ever gripped a weapon to defend?
Have you ever crafted plans to give or steal?
Have you ever breathed out a blessing upon another?
Have you ever cursed them in the same setting?

Don’t say goodbye. Don’t conclude this conversation!
The story is just taking shape, a turn, the crest of a hill…
Stop your tears, for grace has met me again.
Build a bridge in your mind to make sense of it all.
Cross it now, and smile again.