Simple animal, chained to instinct, prisoner of the sensual.
Predictable behavior, expected consumption, typical response.
The primacy of security, the centrality of compulsion.
An appetite’s mastery, tethered to scent.

Forever chasing the prospect of taste and sex.
For the feeling of safety, for the sense of security?
Allegiance to them that provide it daily.

A world so small, just the one, here and now.
Feed me, pet me, warm me, have me, FEED me.
Love them that love, hate them that hate.
Mark your territory, scout your space, secure your domain.

Run with your kind, consume together with pack.
Corporate hunting, community feasting, comrades.

What is this toil? Why this routine, never ask it.
Follow the pattern my furry friend.
Tramp about without worry or conscience.
Led along like lambs. Smile, pant, and prance.

Your time is up, and it doesn’t even matter.

Photo by Levi Saunders on Unsplash