A big part of what we do in the creative department is repetitive in terms of the deployment and mediums we use to market. Digitally, we are constantly re-deploying the same method per event type. This repetitive work can cause a lot of rework and recurring conversations that typically have the same outcome on every occasion. That’s why I created visual templates for our digital marketing. Outside of conferences and or unique events this covers the bulk of our event types. These templates help to create visual maps for project management so they can see projects from a bird-eye level. This visual approach also helps us to evaluate and keep leaders / ministries informed as to what they can expect.

All of these templates can be tweaked per project but they provide a base at the point of deployment to guide the planning and development. We also let our project managers know that these are flexible. Just because something is specified as being deployed on Tuesday does not mean it can’t wait until Wednesday. Often times some of these events and their marketing overlap each other hence the need to keep things flexible. These templates provide a general flexible framework for the managers to run with. It should be noted that these particular templates in some cases don’t provide the timeline we would like but the one we are realistically stuck with for our context. There are organizational realities that sometimes prevents us from marketing 6 weeks out and so we are stuck with 4 weeks as an example.

Marketing templates help to create a visual map for project management, allowing them to see projects from a bird-eye view.

I’ve provided the most recent PDF that I developed for Victory. These are not entirely self-explanatory as they are intended for internal use. They also do not speak to print or in-service communications. I eventually want to create a master template that includes announcements in service and print collateral, and or signage. This would allow for a comprehensive view of all the communication occurring regarding the event item. I hope that this is helpful to some of you or at least inspires some creative thinking about planning in your departments. Need an editable version? Here is the working adobe illustrator file.