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Snarky, Snide, and Contemptuous

Some of the synonyms for contemptuous are scornful, disdainful, disrespectful, insulting, mocking, sneering, scoffing, scathing, snide; condescending, haughty, proud, superior, arrogant, dismissive; high and mighty, snotty, and sniffy. I think that many of these words have come to characterize much of our communications in America on and off the web. These types of things have become common for us even…

Striving Vs. Growing

Trying to be good or better is not the ultimate goal of our faith. Grace was not given for us to fall in line. We were created to be fully alive spiritually and love deeply and purely. Unfortunately we are all caved in more empty versions of our intended design. The caved in conscious mind has difficulty seeing beyond itself…

God is Love

Our relationship with God is intricately tied to our relationship with people. We cannot despise, malign, hurt, seduce, manipulate and or degrade another human being and not be hostile toward God. Our “way” toward God is broken when we injure people because God is Love. This is clear through Scripture. “Any one who says they love God and hates his…

Atlanta Bound

A few months ago an impression that Victory World Church in Atlanta, GA may be an assignment for our family. Having turned down consistent offers over the last few years from other places of interest (including Atlanta) I was resolute about our place here and rooted in Oklahoma City. I had come to the place of not even considering it…

Followed By the Son

A poem by Nathan Davis – Written from a more gloomy perspective regarding age, mortality and the passing of generations.

For Quiet Birds (Poem)

Long lasting echoes of a fatherless laughter imbue a pernicious testimony in the home. Informing an elected congress of ill-motives standing contrary to a once-sacred bond. Quilted shades are thrown as warmth exits place and feathers of design are plucked. Meanwhile, starving earth and dying oaks desperately stare at a cold canopy of empty sky. The numb covet tears when…


I’ve been thinking about what makes for a more meaningful community recently. More specifically I’ve been thinking about what makes for non-community.

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