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Followed By the Son

A poem by Nathan Davis – Written from a more gloomy perspective regarding age, mortality and the passing of generations.

For Quiet Birds (Poem)

Long lasting echoes of a fatherless laughter imbue a pernicious testimony in the home. Informing an elected congress of ill-motives standing contrary to a once-sacred bond. Quilted shades are thrown as warmth exits place and feathers of design are plucked. Meanwhile, starving earth and dying oaks desperately stare at a cold canopy of empty sky. The numb covet tears when…


I’ve been thinking about what makes for a more meaningful community recently. Actually and more specifically I have been thinking about what makes for non-community to occur. What are the forces that exist in a person or culture that work against the construction of “family” level relationships with others? To have what Scripture calls “brothers and sisters” is really something…

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