We have no control over everything that may come our way. We can do our best to insulate ourselves from certain things and try to learn from our own mistakes minimizing the creation of our own demons but not all is manageable. Even with the demons we do create we can only in that moment of realizing what we have done then take responsibility to deal with them from that specific point in time. We cannot change what the “facts are on the ground.”

The most we can wish for in this life when faced with problems is to learn to “deal” with what comes our way in that moment in the best possible manner. We have to approach our challenges with hope and resilience. Losing our head or becoming anxious about things we cannot change entirely is not the right course of action. Becoming overwhelmed by the magnitude of a certain challenge only serves to paralyze us.


Our perspective can serve us or hinder us depending on it’s calibration.



How we see issues and challenges directly affects our ability and capacity to overcome them. Our field of view sometimes needs to be wide and clear for us to contextually understand and see the whole picture, to discover things about our life and see the “bigger picture.” At other times a wider point of view can be problematic. It can overwhelm us and others it can also keep us from seeing the smaller working pieces and steps involved in a particular course of action. It’s imperative to develop our focal ability and to learn how to adjust our field of view.

If we want to maximize challenging moments and seasons we have to keep our cool – keep our heads. It is in this more peaceful environment that we can catalyze a more creative paradigm and approach. We have to also deal with the things piece by piece with a more narrow focus once a more broad understanding has been established. People who easily see from a bird-eye view can become overwhelmed at the magnitude of an issue due to the entirety of the scope, but it is only in then choosing to limit our field of view that we can then process each piece appropriately.



“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” – Matt 6:34



There is a methodic, cool, and calculated heads-down approach that sometimes has to be taken. Only in rhythm and the establishment of tradition (habit) can we overcome certain larger issues. A shift in our way is required and in order to find the power for this change to occur we must be fueled with hope, tempered with peace and empowered with trust. We have to take responsibility over our mind and heart before we assume the management of anything else.



We have to take responsibility over our mind and heart before we assume the management of anything else.