Trying to be good or better is not the ultimate goal of our faith. Grace was not given for us to fall in line. We were created to be fully alive spiritually and love deeply and purely. Unfortunately we are all caved in more empty versions of our intended design. The caved in conscious mind has difficulty seeing beyond itself and the natural. Our capacity for others is very limited, impaired at best. We need to ignite spiritually and come awake, come alive and by grace begin to be helped into a new perspective. A caved in perspective might cling to religion in attempts to be better or to find some sort of support but we ultimately need to shed the idea of trying to be good and embrace the idea of “being made” not trying to.

We don’t allow ourselves to be shaped via immersing ourselves in His Love and Spirit. We look to a letter and law to measure ourselves in this empty state and are then compelled ignorantly to “try harder to be better.” We need to refuse to look to the letter of the law or some code. We need to fix our eyes on Him and his grace, His unfailing love and His compelling grace and truly ask to be filled, shaped and renewed regularly. This regular intake of grace and a refusal to be engaged in dead religion and works ultimately “baptizes” us into His reality and we find ourselves furnished with the fruit of God’s nature. We are then “truly alive in Him, standing as Love in an empty world.”

2 Corinthians 3:18 says that “we all with unveiled faces behold the Lord in His glory and are being transformed into the same image one degree of glory to another. This comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.” Put another way, “we are being shaped into our intended design by the true and living God, who is Love, when we acknowledge, encounter and receive of His reality.” Stop looking at mere principles and feeling guilty, being moved to try harder. Plug into His grace and become more. We surrender to your grace Lord and receive of you as our righteousness.

Description: Trying to be good is not the imperative of Christianity. We need His dynamic and reality.