A few months ago an impression that Victory World Church in Atlanta, GA may be an assignment for our family. Having turned down consistent offers over the last few years from other places of interest (including Atlanta) I was resolute about our place here and rooted in Oklahoma City. I had come to the place of not even considering it really. This impression I received recently to move (while working at my my hotel room in ATL) was truly a “God thing.”

I instantly engaged both my Pastor, Lawrence Neisent, asking him to pray with us about it. I also connected with Michael Buckingham (Creative Dir. at Victory World Church) and the Lead Pastors at Victory. After a visit to ATL with the family, and after much consideration we came to the conclusion that the transition was “ordained” and that we had a “green light” to prepare.

In light of this, we are happy to announce our moving to Atlanta, GA where I will be serving (link: http://victoryatl.com text: Victory World Church) as the Digital Director. Renee will be continuing her career as an auditor but in the state of Georgia. We’re so excited to join up with Michael and his team, serving the church family under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Dennis & Colleen Rouse. We’re planning to move sometime in the month of December and will be preparing to migrate with the four kids and three dogs over the next few months.

We’re so grateful for our time in OKC and are going to greatly miss our church family in OKC and the wonderful friends, school and relationships we have been blessed to be a part of. We are so grateful for our pastors and spiritual parents Pastor Lawrence & Tracy Neisent, who have made this transition as easy as it could be and who mean the world to us. We want to express our deepest appreciation and love for our Church family, Destiny Christian School teachers and staff, and all of our friends, we will miss you.

I am also going to personally miss working daily with my business partner and dear friend, Jason Baffrey. It’s been such a blessing to be partnered with him and his family. We are excited and proud that Destiny Creative will continue with Jason at the helm and that I’ll be able to network together with him in the future from ATL.

As blessed as we are to be stepping into the next season of our lives, transitions are tough when you live a truly rich church life. We are grateful to God for the wealth of relationships both here in OKC and the additional ones that await us in Atlanta. Here’s to a new season!