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Leaders, details matter.

As a leader or manager, it’s becoming more and more apparent to me that in order to serve effectively I have to care about the details (our system and process). That doesn’t mean I get lost in them or that we spend more time on them then we should in the more vision oriented / creative meetings. Caring about the…

Burning Fast (Poem)

  Pleasure turns to ash as life metabolizes in a moment’s stomach. Fervently gobbling sights at the gate, our sacred images empty. Burning fast under smiling masters that cost more than our take. Inside out our life’s blood has no place and all we see is red.     Gaffed flesh void of anesthetic pulls our strut down upon unframed…

Followed By the Son

A poem by Nathan Davis – Written from a more gloomy perspective regarding age, mortality and the passing of generations.

For Quiet Birds (Poem)

Long lasting echoes of a fatherless laughter imbue a pernicious testimony in the home. Informing an elected congress of ill-motives standing contrary to a once-sacred bond. Quilted shades are thrown as warmth exits place and feathers of design are plucked. Meanwhile, starving earth and dying oaks desperately stare at a cold canopy of empty sky. The numb covet tears when…

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