Digital Director

Currently working at Victory World Church as the Digital Director. Serving the online community and developing web services to better accomplish the church’s mission.

MediaPeople Inc.

Creative solutions, web / app (UX/UI) services, product development and consultation. If it involves design and or the web we offer services for hire.

Nathan G. Davis

Design, web (UX / UI) and creative direction. Also a graphic and web designer, communicator, lover of all things tech, philosopher and idea-monger. Currently working as the digital director at Victory World Church in Atlanta and owner of MediaPeople Inc, offering creative and web services and consultation.

Lover of all things “local” and ideas that better the community and society as a whole. I want to learn and always be seeing the world in a new way. Father of four (3 boys, 1 girl). Fascinated with the idea of how stories shape our identity and culture. Fascinated with the mechanics of influence and leadership. Love working on innovative ideas and projects.

Also working with DestinyCreative.Co in partnership with Jason Baffrey out of Oklahoma City, OK offering creative services for non-profits and entrepreneurs. They also produce and host multiple podcasts on their site OklahomaTalking.Co.